Monday, September 8, 2014

We love to help!

Photo Credit: Katy Cook Photography
We are about to hit our busiest season of the year, and I always love to share recommendations for brides & the ladies getting their makeup done on the wedding day. Some brides choose not to have a consult with their artist, and should be prepared on the wedding day for a joyous day of tears, laughter, possible rain (sorry, it's true) and heat.
 Here are a few recommendations that are VERY important! 

Are you having issues with your skin?

Don't depend on your makeup artist and photographer to be miracle workers when it comes to your skin.  We can certainly help with covering up small blemishes, and help your skin look the best it can,  but it is important to take care of your skin before the wedding day. You should start a skin care routine 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. 
The better your palette is for us…the better your makeup will look. Drink Tons of water &  MOISTURIZE & make sure you are wearing SPF on your face and body! 
If you have any questions regarding skin care or what you should be doing, email your artist. 

Self Tanning

      I  am always nervous when a bride self tans the day before the wedding day. I never say "NO, don't do it", but there is a possibility that it will be patchy, rub off on your dress, have an odor, and just look orange against your white dress.  If you are going to spray tan, do this 2 days before just in case they miss any spots, and please go to a company that does the airbrush by hand, not machine. (Bella Sole in Asheville is fabulous). 

How long will your makeup last? 

Unless you have booked your makeup artist for additional time for touchups (GREAT IDEA), you don't need to get your makeup done 4+ hours before your ceremony time. Our makeup applications do last very well, but to be honest….your makeup or hair is not going to look the same in 4+ hours if it's hot, humid and you have been crying a good bit. 

Please have your touchups items close by! Put your maid of honor in charge of your touchup bag. 

Tattoo Coverage

We can try our best to cover a tattoo, but it's recommended that you purchase your products for Tattoo Coverage before the wedding day so you can make sure you have the proper shade.  We recommend Dermablend products. Just remember…the makeup could rub off on your dress or other guests's dress/suits! 

What should you have for touchups? 

We always recommend doing a consult before the wedding day so you can ask your artist what color lipstick they used or what items you will need for your touchup kit. We recommend you buying the full tube of lipstick, not using a sample. 
You also want to make sure your bridal party has products for touchups. Makeup Artists usually don't provide touchups items for everyone. 


Your lipstick shade: Keep in mind, lipstick stays on much better/longer than lipgloss. 

Mints: Fresh breath is always a PLUS! 

Drinking Straws: This helps with the wearability of your lip color. 

Compact Powder for Shine Control: I love Neutrogena Shine Control Compact Powder! It's colorless and just takes the way shine on your skin. 
You can also get the Oil Blotter Sheets. I recommend Bobbi Brown or Clean & Clear. 

Blush: You could lose the color in your cheeks after a few hours. Have your favorite close by…just in case! 

Eyeliner: If you are going for a more dramatic look and have eyeliner on the water line…you will want to re-touch this up after a few hours. If the eye liner is not on the water line, you shouldn't have to touchup this up. 

A small hairspray & brush if your hair is down. Possibly a curling iron if you are wearing your hair down with loose curls. A trick with hairspray: lightly mist your face when spraying your hair, it sets the makeup! 

Hair Pins: Blond and brown depending on you & your bridal party

Baby Powder: This helps if you have sweated a good bit during pictures before the ceremony

Baby Wipes/Deodorant: Always nice to feel fresh right before the ceremony 

Perfume: You might want a small spritz before the reception 

If you have any questions regarding wedding makeup, please don't hesitate to email us! We would love to help you out & make sure you are prepared for the big day!