Thursday, November 11, 2010

A few more pictures of FALON!!!

I had to add a few more pictures of Mrs. Falon Speaks from Two Ring Studios. She was a beautiful bride and again, thanks so much to Two Ring for posting these fabulous photos on their blog.
Photography: Two Ring Studios
Wedding Planner: Tara Jordan
Hair: Suraj Salon and Spa
Flowers: The Bloom Room

Monday, November 8, 2010

Friendly advice for brides to be!

Are you a bride and have numerous questions regarding vendors, timelines, costs? I have had a number of inquiries in the past 2 weeks for 2011, and I wanted to answer a few questions that are asked quite frequently. If you have any questions for me...don't hesitate to ask!
1. When should I start booking my vendors?
You should start booking your vendors asap if you are getting married in the Asheville area. If you want to book a certain business/ them, set up a time to meet, and put the deposit in. Vendors book up months/years in advance. Don't wait until 2011 to book your vendors.
2. Beauty it better to go to a salon/makeup counter or have the artist come to me on the wedding day?
I advise you to bring your beauty team to you the day of the wedding. If you book time at a salon, you never know if they will be running behind, or traffic on the roads might get you behind. The cost is a litte more for them to come to you...but you won't regret it. They are booked for you and your wedding only.
Makeup Counter/on location: Do you want to deal with mall traffic? get your makeup done at a counter, it's a 2-3 item purchase which can range from $45.00-$65.00. It's not free, and the beauty artists still have to serve their other customers while working with you. Again, the makeup artist comes on location for you and your bridal party.
3. Should I hire a wedding planner?
I recommend wedding planners. They make your day go a lot smoother...and you don't have to worry about a thing!
4. When should I get my makeup done the day of the wedding?
I advise you to get your makeup done as late as possioble. I understand that you want to get pictures, but if that's the case...hire the makeup artist for a few extra hours to go around with you. They can touch up the makeup right before the ceremony.
5. A few of my bridesmaids want makeup, and a few of them don't. Is that ok?
Not at all, but I will tell you that 99% of the girls that don't sign up for makeup...regret the decision. I have been on a number of weddings where the girls change their mind when they see the makeup. Please advise them to look at websites and the artists work and reviews. I understand there are alot of bad makeup artists out there...but not all of them.
If you have any questions regarding the business here in Asheville, I'm happy to help out with as much as advice as possible! THANKS SO MUCH!
Wendy Ballance