Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dana's Wedding Day!!! Photography by Alisha Silver

These beautiful photos of Dana make me love my job even more!

Kudos and a BIG thank you to Alisha Silver for sharing these photos with me. Dana was absolutely stunning this day, and family and friends gathered the morning of the wedding at the Renaissance. There was tons of food, fun and lots of laughter to go around!!!

Cody with Cody's Wedding Creations rocked out the hair for the ladies while Kristen and I worked our "Blush" magic on the bridal party.

One Happy Day!

Photography: Alisha Silver

Makeup: Wendy Ballance & Kristen Davis

Monday, March 19, 2012

Becca and Coen...A Fabulous May Couple!!! E-session with Katy Cook!

I can say this couple is flawless...what do you think?

I love doing makeup for Engagement Sessions. The look is totally different from the wedding day, and the pressure is off!
The fabulous Katy Cook captures Becca and Coen's beauty and love for eachother in these awesome photos! I can't wait for the big day in May!

Makeup by Wendy Ballance

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