Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holidays=Engagements=Wedding planning!

As of December 2010, over 20 BRIDES are booked for Blush by Wendy Ballance for 2011. It's never too early to book your vendors!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wendy's Favorite Things 2010!

My Favorite Things!!!

I posted a while back some of my favorite products, and I had great feedback! I'm always being asked about my favorite products. It's Christmas time, and are you needing a present for a friend or a loved one? Here is a little advice on some products you can purchase!

Want a photo friendly makeup for your holiday parties?? This is a toss up! I have 2 favorite foundations this year that I have used on weddings and various makeup gigs around town.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation $45.00

If you are normal to dry...this is the foundation for you! It is a water based formula that provides moisture without feeling oily. It photographs beautifully, and it provides a medium coverage. If you would like to try this foundation...let me know! I work for Bobbi!

Revlon PhotoReady makeup is fabulous!

Now, if you have dry skin, I don't recommend this. This is great for normal to oily skin. Do not use a sponge, use your fingers or a foundation brush. This foundation contains light reflecting pigments that make your skin glow! I used this on Lauren, one of my Biltmore brides, and I can't tell you how beautiful her skin looked!

Longer lashes!

I can not take credit for this find! My co-worker Alexa told me about this, and it works! Vaseline is a fantastic conditioner for your lashes! It's cheap, and you put on a small amount on your lashes in the evening. No need to buy $20 products...this is cheap, and it works great! The mascara glides on better, and the lashes grow better!

Need a little help with your eye area?

Bobbi Brown Eye Repair

I have tried so many eye creams over the years, and this is by far my favorite. You can use this am and pm. I'm not going to get all in to what it does and the ingredients because I think women just want to know if it works! IT DOES!

It provides moisture, and also is Bobbi's first eye cream for repair of fine lines and wrinkles.
Don't use too much, I know you are thinking..more cream..less wrinkles...no.

LESS IS MORE! . Tap in under the eye area in the am. PM: Tap on eyelids and brow bone as well. If you would like to order a jar...let me know, I will mail it to you with free shipping!

My favorite mascara...for 2 years in a row!

Cover Girl Lash Blast in Black.

Only the orange tube. If you are needing waterproof...they have it! Make sure you throw away your mascara every 4 months!

Dry Skin this Season?

Benefit Cosmetics makes Bathina Body Cream which smells so good! It does have a slight fragrance so make sure you don't mind the smell. I love it!

Other fantastic Body Creams for Dry Skin

Origins: Precipitation, The Body Shop: Body Butter, Suave: Body Cream (Shea Butter)

More Products Coming Soon! If you ever need recommendatations...email or call!